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Diy special deals:

available while supplies last!

Man Cave Makeover Package 

Your basement / man cave conversion is not as difficult as you once thought.  Here is a package that includes everything you need to convert that special space into a unique, rustic space that you and your family can appreciate for years to come.  The package includes:

  • 112 sq. ft. of precision cut Philly Red Mix of thin bricks
  • 7 sheets of easy install "Tabs Wall Systems" backing that holds the bricks in place and evenly spaces each piece for perfect mortar joints
  • 1.5 inch installation screws to ensure the backing is firmly in place
  • 3 quarts of quality construction adhesive
  • Pre-mixed just add water mortar for those perfectly spaced joints in your choice of Light Grey or Light Tan mortar mix
  • Construction grade grout bag to ensure your grout is installed as precisely as possible!


Other specials:

These are factory direct special deals on antique recycled bricks, reclaimed cobblestones and unique thin cut bricks that are extra cuts for larger orders that have been processed.  The bricks and cobbles have many flooring and patio uses. The thin bricks are perfect for that smaller do it yourself job, such as a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, behind a stove backsplash, a smaller bedroom wall or even a smaller thin brick flooring application.  Feel free to contact us for suggestions as well as application directions.



200 sq ft hickory blend -- $900.00

Normally $1,800

300 Sq Ft Chicago Commons Blend -- $1,200.00

Normally $2,000

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Reclaimed brick split pavers
1 1/2" x 4"x8".   $2.00 each.  500 pieces available.
Great for concrete deck overlay!


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