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Thin Brick

Thin bricks are just what you need for your indoor exposed walls or floors, where you don't have the space or desire to have whole bricks laid. They're great to work with, and with our authentic antique recycled thin bricks, you're sure to have the look you're after. We take actual antique bricks and slice off the most beautiful face to give a new life to otherwise unusable bricks.

Thin Brick Exposed Walls

Exposed brick walls can read as either rustic charm, storied industrial decay, or effortless warehouse cool. They supply endless character, warmth and texture — no matter what the context.

Brick Flooring

Brick paver floors have a timeless sense of beauty, charm and character all their own. They have a warm, inviting appeal that you don't get with ceramic tile or carpet.

Exterior Exposed Thin Brick Application

Thin Bricks can also be utilized for your exterior building projects. They are just as durable and can be installed over numerous materials, giving your project that 'Wow!' factor.

Wine Cellar

Let Independence Antique Brick either provide real antique brick for your project or we can also cut, measure and install for you. Enhance that space in your basement or convert closet space to bring your spirit for collecting wines to life with old thin bricks from IAB!